All homebuyers should go the extra mile to find the right home inspector. Professional inspectors are able to find problems that are not readily apparent and provide detailed information about the condition of the building.  However, home inspectors vary in their credentials and the tools they use. Hire an inspector who provides thermal imaging in home inspections. 

The Advantages of Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections

Not all home inspections are the same. Using thermal imaging technology, home inspectors can detect underlying problems that may not be visible using typical inspection equipment. With an infrared camera, inspectors can detect the heat being emitted from objects and surfaces. Unusual thermal signatures usually mean there is a problem in the house.

What Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections Can Determine

Professionals that use infrared thermal imaging cameras can detect issues with your home that might go unnoticed otherwise. Many issues lie underneath your floors, behind walls, or above ceilings, making them hard to see. Thermal imaging gives inspectors a way to detect heat emission through walls. Let’s take a closer look at a few problems that might be detectable with an infrared camera. 

Water Damage

Water damage is something every homeowner fears. It can cause mold growth, floor damage, and collapsed ceilings. Leaks can happen behind walls, and usually aren’t noticed until severe damage occurs. Thermal imaging in home inspections can detect water leaks when they are just beginning. Whether you have a busted pipe, a broken joint, or a bad sump pump, infrared cameras will show an unusually cool thermal signature. This points to the source of the problem.

Electrical Hotspots

The average home has several electrical circuits. When an inspector uses thermal imaging technology, he or she may detect abnormalities based on the heat being emitted along with these circuits. Home inspectors might be able to point out hotspots, which are dangerous hazards. These electrical problems have the potential to cause house fires, and should be fixed immediately.

Air Leaks

Air is constantly circulating throughout your HVAC system to make your home comfortable. For everything to operate at maximum efficiency, your home has to be free of any drafts, cracks, and gaps. Infrared thermal imaging technology can pick up on these problem areas to help improve your home’s energy efficiency. Whether there is an issue with insulation, roofing, or your windows, a home inspector will have a better chance of picking up on those problems with an infrared camera. When everything is operating at maximum efficiency, you’re also paying less per month on utilities.

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