It might surprise you to learn that it’s important to get a home inspection on new construction. You hope that your brand new home doesn’t have any major repair needs. However, there still could be issues with the building. Let’s look at the reasons why you should order an inspection prior to moving into your new house.

Aren’t All New Homes Built to Code?

Technically, all new homes are required to meet local (city or county) building codes. The fact is that new construction homes are only required to meet the bare minimum requirements for your local area. They don’t guarantee that the people working on your home took the greatest care while assembling the different systems inside the house. Another factor to keep in mind is that building officials don’t have a lot of time to inspect your home. These local inspections are a quick survey of the property, not a thorough examination.

Mistakes Made During New Home Construction

Mistakes can happen during the build. Construction workers may do less than perfect work or materials could be faulty or defective. Some issues that home inspections might discover are:

  • Improperly installed siding
  • Insufficient insulation
  • Missing insulation around recessed lighting fixtures, resulting in heat loss and air leaks
  • Poor installation of roofing materials
  • Mechanical spaces built so small that larger appliances won’t fit
  • Crawl spaces without proper ventilation, which leads to condensation buildup
  • Defective roof truss systems
  • Floor framing configured incorrectly

It’s important to order a home inspection on new construction before you move in so you can guarantee the house is functional and safe.

Home Inspection on New Construction Matters at Resale

It’s likely that you’re excited about moving into your new place and aren’t planning to sell it anytime soon. However, if your family grows, you may decide you need a larger home. Your job could require you to relocate in a couple of years. You might want to move to a different region due to the weather.

When you sell, your buyer will order their own home inspection. If that inspection uncovers any major issues that date back to when your home was constructed, you will be responsible for making repairs. The defects might reduce the value of the home. Get a home inspection on new construction now so your builder is can make any needed repairs before your move-in date.

Have a home inspection done before moving in so you have peace of mind about your property and can enjoy owning a brand new home.

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