An electrical problem at home can be a serious hazard. Wiring problems are one of the leading causes of house fires. Let’s look at the signs that could signify an electrical danger in your home. 

Do You Use Too Many Extension Cords?

Using too many extension cords may damage connected outlets, trip breakers, and even cause a fire. Extension cords should only be used temporarily and should not be connected to each other. Install more outlets if you need them.

Flickering Lights are a Sign of an Electrical Problem at Home

It’s uncommon for flickering lights to be caused by the fixtures themselves. The problem is typically caused by items like space heaters or other big appliances that use a lot of power.

Anything that heats or cools your home will use a lot of energy. Bring in an electrician and see if they can install dedicated breakers for large appliances. This will allow lights to draw power from separate circuits.

Do You Smell Burning?

Pay attention to any type of weird odor coming from an outlet. Unplug anything plugged into it immediately. Have an electrician check it out before you try using the outlet again. Call a professional if the breaker panel or fuse box itself has a burning smell coming from it.

An Electrical Problem at Home May Cause Sparks

Sparks are a definite sign of an electrical problem at home. Be careful if you see sparks coming from an outlet, fuse box, or breaker panel. Those are signals to call in the electrician.

If you see sparks coming from an appliance, then it’s probably the appliance itself that needs to be replaced or repaired. Check if there is still a warranty on it. Try calling a repairperson first because they will usually be less expensive than your electrician.

Are Any Outlets Hot?

It’s normal for appliances to become warm when in use, but outlets should never be hot to the touch. If you notice that an outlet is hot, unplug everything plugged into it. This is another situation where a professional is needed. They might find that the outlet was wired incorrectly.

Do You Experience Frequently Tripped Breakers?

Fuses and circuit breakers are built to prevent an overloaded electrical system. It’s most likely not a problem with the electrical system if the same appliance trips the breaker no matter which outlet you plug it into. You might see this with faulty hair dryers or vacuum cleaners, for instance.

However, if you have the same outlet blowing the fuse every time you plug something into it, then you most likely have a problem with the circuit itself.

Buzzing Sounds From an Electrical Problem at Home

Be careful if you notice buzzing coming from an outlet. Call an electrician to check into what’s causing the noise.

Use the above tips to avoid a dangerous electrical problem at home.

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