Drone technology has been put to work in many different industries. Everything from agriculture to package delivery has utilized these small unmanned aircraft. Drones in home inspections provide better information to buyers, sellers, and insurers. Here are four ways that drones help deliver better home inspection reports.

Drones in Home Inspections are Safer

A home inspection requires looking at hard to reach areas of the home. The inspector needs to assess the roof’s condition and its estimated remaining life. On some roofs, there is simply no safe way to access certain areas without a drone.

Drones make it simple to view all of those areas with no climbing hazard. The inspector stays safely on the ground and lets the drone capture detailed photos and videos of the roof’s different features.

Weather Concerns

A roof that is safe to walk on in dry conditions can be treacherous when wet and slippery. Poor weather can cause scheduling problems for the inspection, which could interfere with the timely closing of a sale.

As long as the weather is clear enough for the drone to capture images and video and not too windy to endanger the drone, the inspection can often be completed with no issues. The drone can fly over slick rooftops and gather the information needed for the inspection.

Drones in Home Inspections Expand Views

Home inspections generally include images and videos of the house, including ground-level views of the overall property. Those are helpful, but buyers get a more complete perspective from an aerial view.

Drones in home inspections capture aerial videos and photos that show the entire property from above. You’ll get an overall view of the land surrounding the home, including outbuildings, trees, and other features.

Video and Photo Quality is Higher

Capturing quality images can be a challenge when the inspector is standing on a roof or perched precariously on a ladder. In those positions, it can be difficult to take a good picture.

Inspectors who use drones in home inspections can get a broader scope of the property. With a drone, the inspector can take images at appropriate vantage points to help the client see an accurate picture of the home’s condition.

Home inspections are important for buyers, sellers, insurers, real estate agents, and countless other people involved in the process of selling or purchasing a home. The more thorough the home inspection report, the greater the benefits. Drones in home inspections provide more thorough inspection reports for all parites involved.

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