Rod Bitten Certified Vancouver Island Home Inspector

Rod Bitten

Licensed Home Inspector

Rod Bitten is the owner and home inspector of Bayside Home Inspections. Above all, when Rod inspects a home, he wants to make sure that the structure and installed systems are safe for your family—and that the home’s current condition aligns well with your specific needs.

Rod takes pride in providing a detail-oriented home inspection service that leaves his customers happy with the knowledge they’ve gained and better prepared to make an investment they’ll still be comfortable with years later.

Red Seal Electrician ASHI Certified
Vancouver Island Home Inspector

A Home Inspector Who Didn’t Take Shortcuts

Rod took his first step into the world of real estate when he started a career in the construction industry, forming foundations and framing the underlying structures of homes. Before long, Rod completed a 4-year apprenticeship and after completion, became a certified Red Seal electrician, developing a highly specialized skill set that is an asset to his home inspections. Rod also has experience buying and selling homes, as well as doing his own renovation and remodeling work. He also completed the Carson Dunlop course with a straight A average and became a licensed home inspector. It’s safe to say that Rod took no shortcuts when it came to acquiring the knowledge to be an outstanding home inspector—and you can count on him to take no shortcuts when he inspects your home today.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

  • In the event that we’re unable to walk a home’s roofing system due to safety issues, we won’t just leave it off the final inspection report—instead, we’ll use our aerial drone whenever necessary to photograph the roof and carry out the inspection as intended
  • If you’d like a more direct route for understanding your prospective home’s condition, you’re welcome to attend your inspection to follow along through the entire process
  • Customers who have additional questions about their inspection report can call us anytime, whether it’s the next day or months afterward

When he’s not inspecting homes, Rod loves to go fishing, hunting, and camping. Rod and his wife own and care for a little hobby farm with chickens and goats—and they like foraging for mushrooms as a shared hobby. They also enjoy going to car shows with his 1966 Chevelle SS that Rod and his father restored.

Drone Home Inspections
Thermal Imaging Home Inspections
Moisture Meter Home Inspections

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Bayside Home Inspections specializes in providing a trustworthy home inspection service that will ensure that a home is safe and built to the right specifications for your needs. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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